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Tuesday, May 1st 2007

4:35 PM

Crew Chief Report 4/27/07

K, car is getting better. I think we are narrowing our starting set-up
down. Started Saturday nights warmup withsome turns in a rear tortion
bar, and the right rear spaced more than usual.Since the track was
slimy I added some air to the rear tires.The front of the car was
nuetral. Also added 1 piece of duct tape to the radiator because it
was a little cool and the engine has been running cool.The tape blocks
air from cooling the water in the radiator.No extra fuel as we had
most of what I added for last weeks feature we didnt finish!Our fuel
cell is kinda shaped like Jimmy Durante's schnoze, a flat upper part
and the end hangs down.lol.I usually fill the end of the schnoze to
the flat part, but really didnt know how much that was.last week I
added 2.5 gallons plus oil above that point and caused a terrible push
in the car. From talking to Bruce Leote I learned that the lower part
of the tank holds about 5 gallons, which is enough for a feature, so
that is were I wanted to get it too.Ran the first warm up and of
course had the push, but not as bad because of the bar adjustment and
added air. burned off some fuel too.Engine ran around 100 degrees,
still cool, partially because I run it a little rich with the oil
mix.Darin wanted a wing adjustment for the second warm up, so we
flattened the wing angle. The track was drying a little so I took some
air back out of the tires. I added another strip of tape to the
radiator. Car got a little better. Still pushed which also has the
effect of creating a loose condition through the center and off the
corners. Engine temp barely over 100.For the heat we took some turns
out of the front bars to help the push and I took out 1/2 " of spacing
in the right rear to help the loose condition. Steve Shelly, the
engine builder, suggested a power jet adjustment on the carburator, so
Darin did that. Still left the tape on , but told Darin to keep an eye
on the engine temperature gauge. No sweat, 1 hand on the steering
wheel, 1 hand on the shifter, 1 eye on the temp gauge, 1 eye on the
track!lol.Ran better again but still a push and a little loose and
engine was still running cool.The Methanol burns better when the
engine temp is around 145, and burns wholes in pistons over 155!!
Thats why we try to err on the rich , cool side. We will be working on
leaning the engine slowly.We did the same thing last year when Darin
was driving Bob Autons micro at Greenwood. When we got it right, Darin
won the last 2 races.For the feature we were where we wanted to be
with fuel, but now had to be concerned with burning to much off and
getting loose, so took a little more out of the front bars and I took
a little more air out of the right rear. Ran those changes past Pat
Bealer and he said that should help. Steve suggested another power jet
adjustment. From the stands, and after walking the track with Darin,
Chris Eaton, Formula Ford champ, had some words of wisdom on what he
was doing right and what he could do to manage the track conditions.
The car was better again, still loose, but the track was slick all
night, and seemed to get slicker as the night went on. Darin will fill
in the racing part in his report, but the car handled well and he
drove well.He waspatient because we needed to finish a race. He made
an attempt to pass a car near the end and took a nice ride up the wall
that cost him a spot, but had a great run and finished.k, c ya.
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Thursday, April 26th 2007

4:02 PM

First 3 weeks crew chief report

Well it's time for a cc report. We have been chasing the car set up
lately.Seems we are usually our best in the first warm up and get
worse from there.lol! The car seems to be real finicky and sensitive
to adjustment.I am getting used to the tortion bar set up too, were
you adjust the right side to affect the left and vise versa.
One night i wanted to add weight to the right front because he was
pushing, but i turned down the right side tortion bar stop , which
actually then added weight to the left and lightened the right!
Double crossed him!was really a hand full. I see him trying to drive
it and it usually takes 3 or 4 laps till he can get a decent line
with a miserable set up.It dawned on me when I saw how bad it
pushed that I adjusted the wrong side.
Another thing that is apparent is that adding fuel has a major
affect. The very first practice day , the car was good on the first
run. I added 2.5 gallons to see how that affected the car. The fuel
and the oil we mixed with that adds almost 20 pounds. The car pushed
real bad. The track had gotten tighter after the first run so I
attributed it to the track change.
Last week the car was tight, we made a change to the right rear
spacing and air pressure. It worked, he had the fastest heat times,
but the car was loose off. We needed more fuel for the feature so I
added figuring it would help tighten the car. The track was getting
looser too. I added 2.5 gallons. Well it tightened up allrighty.
Could'nt steer again. Pushed like a dump truck.Just like the
practice session. Now we know not to do that again. Still had 5th
fastest time, then the shifter came off!!

more later,
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Sunday, October 29th 2006

12:15 PM

Last and final race of the season report

Well to start off I want to commend the Greenwood Valley Action Track for getting the show in despite rain showers through the night and the track stayed wonderfull. I don't know how they do it! In warmups and the heat race the car wouldn't stay running, we made jetting adjustments, bought a new spark plug, and reinforced a connecting wire to give the spark plug spark. In the feature I started last (13th) passed a ton of cars in the first corner up to 8th) I was running the highest line i could and their was a car sitting spun out in the middle of the track. I couldn't go low to miss him because their were cars their. Knowing that no matter what I will hit the wall I tried to throw the car sideways so I didn't hit any of the major components of the car and only hit the bumper but I was a few inches short and I broke the torsion bar. Since I don't have much to type about I will use this time to give a lil race car lesson lol. Torsion bar does the same job as a spring would. When weight is transfered a arm that is resting on the axel or that is connected to the shock is pushed up or down depending on what side it is on. That arm is connected to a metal bat that runs through the frame of the car. At the other end of the bar is a stopper, this is how you adjust it. If you have the bar stop sooner than it is teh same as stiffining the spring, if you let the bar travel further and take on more wieght that would be the same as softening the spring. As you can imagin these bars are put under a huge ammount of stress, basicaly your twisting a peice of metal with roughly 150 pounds on each corner so it don't take much to break them especialy while weight is transferring. So this was just one of them racing things. Im gona get started on tearing the car down and getting ready for next year. We are not going to magicaly start racing again I promis lol.
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Sunday, October 22nd 2006

1:25 PM

GVAT 10/22/06

So I lied, our season isn't over, got the motor back from Steve Shelly and put it in the car then headed to the Greenwood Valley Action Track. This was my first time in the regular class running with the more experienced drivers. Well in warmups the car didn't start, a freind pointed out that the wire that gives the spark plug spark wasn't connected. So the track gave us some much appreciated hot laps. The car was very good, motor was very strong. In the heat race I started last (10th) and moved up to 8th, I was running outside cause all 7 cars in front of me looked like they were gona wreck at any second, if I was down low when they wrecked I would be in it in a hurry. Had a bad corner fell back to 10th and finished 9th. In the feature the car felt very good as I drove it around under caution, but teh chain poped on the start. Big thanks to Chris Mckeown and his dad as well as Chad Vanhorn and his crew for the help with teh car. One more week left at Greenwood.
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Saturday, October 14th 2006

10:33 PM

Borgers Speedway 10/14/06

Well we got to the track, Jason started teh car and tryed to clear out the motor and it made weird weird noises. Then it appeared to be in gear while it was in netural. It's all real hard to describe but basicaly their was no neutral. No one knew the problem so we took the motor out and gave it to motor builder Steve Shelly. We put on one of Toyshop Racing's motors. In warmups the car was real fast, handeled great. In my heat race I started on the poll and got drilled in the behind and spun out. Knocked off the muffler and poped a tire. In Jasons heat race he blew his motor. The needed their spare motor back which was totaly fine with us. We just want to thank Toyshop Racing for all their help I think the whole motor swapping operation was more their people than it was me and my dad! Thanks for all the help, and thank you for letting us use one of your motors. Me and my dad decided to call it a season after tonight. All we are missing is the big microsprint national at Lindas Speedway this comming week. It would cost a lot of money to enter, and a lot in motor repairs, tires, ect. Their will be easily over 100 cars battling for 24 starting spots and I never raced their, or agains the more experienced class. Bad start to this year but it turned out very good. More plans about next year will be posted shortly. Thanks for everyons support this year, thanks again to all our sponsors. Next year I will try to get a championship that all  oursupporters deserve!
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Sunday, October 8th 2006

12:15 PM

Finaly back to racing at Borgers...this time in a microsprint

Well as almost everyone knows Borgers Speedway in Saylorsburg PA was my home slingshot track, I never raced a microsprint their until last night. In warmups the car was extreemly tight entering the corner, I made mistakes too since after all Borgers is one of the toughest tracks to figure out and learn. Good news was the motor was very strong. We made a wing adjustment and air pressure which is a pretty major adjustment, normaly you leave your wing angel alone. In my first heat race I started last, went into the 1st corner and had no breaks, caused a wreck. I did the same thing on the restart. I never raced before so the first time I didn't know if it was breaks or my line or what it was so that answers the question if I had no breaks the first time why did it happen a 2nd time. We had to bleed the breaks out for the next heat, I started on the poll froped way back to about 7th got back up to 4th after I finaly figured out the track. The car was still tight, but it was not as bad. Made a bar adjustment, tire pressure, and we put tape on the radiator so the motor could build up heat.I started 13th in the feature out of about 16 im not exactly sure how many cars their were. Got up to 6th and seemed to stay their for a long time. Under one caution the motor was starting to bog under the previus run so  I ripped the tape off the radiator. Through wrecks and a couple passes I got up to 3rd and finished their. Probably could have had 2nd but didn't want to force the issue with someone running for points, I still didn't have the track totaly figured out and I didn't want to risk finishing worse than 3rd. Next week we will be back at Borgers, possibly going to Wyalusing for their NEPA Nationals race, stay tunned for that.
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Sunday, September 24th 2006

1:30 AM

Back in a Racecar, Greenwood 9/23

Finaly back in a racecar and back at Greenwood Valley Action Track. Raced Jason Vandorens 6c in BOTH the rookie and Junior microsprint class. In warmups the car was too tight entering the corner but the track had a barrel in the middle of the normal racing line for some reason so it wasn't a fair judgement of the car. Junior heat I started on the poll after a couple laps the car really broke up and I pulled off the track cause the rookie feautre was shortly after. Made a needle adjustment on teh carb to help the breaking up. Started 8th in the rookie heat and finished 3rd. Made another carb adjustment for the feaures as well as air pressure and torsion bar adjustment. Car was betterfor the junior feature, started 2nd and stayed their. The car was just running out of RPM's before I had to downshift. Made a wheel spacing and air pressure adjustment for the Rookie feature. Started 3rd due to a pill pull to invert the feild. Basicaly the top 3 in each heat pull a pill and lowest number starts first. On the start I got a good jump made another signature 3 wide pass had teh lead for about a foot before Chad Vanhorn tookover and later won, congrats Chad. I slid up the track in front of the car I passed and got passed by another car. The top 3 were pretty much gona stay the same until with about 6 to go the motor broke up real bad then going into the corner just shut off and made a 75 degree right hand turn. The piston cracked just a thing taht happens, nothing anyone could have done to avoid it. Great night for learning though. Borgers Speedway next week. Also thanks to Chad Vanhorn for letting us use his weight and big thanks to Pat Bealer for his advice and his crew for letting us use their tools.
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Sunday, July 30th 2006

4:27 PM

GVAT Rave Report

Well after a little vacation for the Auton Motorsports team we finaly returned to the Greenwood Valley Action Track and I had the same result as last time. In warmups the car was very loose comming off the corner but a pre mentioned possible motor problem did not end up forming so that was one thing we didn't have to worry about.... or was it? In mikes heat he started 1st and finished 1st but the motors temperature was running right at the breaking point. To allow the motor to cool down I didn't go out for my heat race. For my feature I started 4th, I hung back right before the start so I could come up onto the feild and shift into a higher gear to get a better start. I knew the car in 3rd was having some motor problems so on the start I passed him and dove to the inside and completed a 3 wide pass going into turn one, jamming on the breaks and turning the car sideways. From their it was just business as usual run your line and stay smooth. Mike started 2nd in the regular microsprint feature after a great move to get under the 1st place car and use a lapped car as sort of a block to force the leader to the outside mike took the lead and he never looked back. Dan got involved in a wreck on the first lap of his race, just one of those racing things, he had no where to go. Pictures are posted, tuesday I will have the upcomming weeks schedule posted.
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Sunday, July 30th 2006

4:17 PM

Borgers Speedway Race Report

motor was running way to hot all night, same problem we always have with this motor and same thing, no support from Tobias himself with getting it fixed properly. I don't even care to go into deatils, the night was a waste of time and money.
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Saturday, July 8th 2006

9:35 PM

Borgers Speedway July 7th Report

For warmups we decided to try a new gear on the car to try and get more power, my car was too loose and the gearing wasn't right so we went up a tooth as well as some adjustments to tighten the car. I started 1st in my heat and finished 2nd, car was loose comming off the corners. We made more adjustments and the car was better for the feature but the same old story with this motor good for 5 or 6 laps then dead, I started 4th fell back to 6th. Congrats Joel Smith on the win
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